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Do you feel like flying high with Balz Müller while reaching your goals with the support of the professional windsurf coach Pierre-Yves Mottier?

If so, read on and prepare for Brazil! Get a quote !

We offer you the opportunity to :

  • be at a beautiful spot with great flatwater, freeride, freestyle and wave conditions
  • feel the unique performance of mb-boards when planing and in turns
  • watch Balz Müller train and have a chat with him at the beach
  • define and reach your windsurfing goal with Pierre-Yves Mottier
  • enjoy a Brazilian dinner with Balz and Pierre-Yves 

With our local partners Clube Kauli Seadi and GoSurfBrazil we can arrange everything for you: flight, transfer, accommodations etc.




Who can participate?

Anyone who loves to windsurf and knows how to waterstart, use the harness and plane 


São Miguel do Gostoso

The beautiful bay shaped by the cape is the perfect scenario for what is considered to be one of the best allround spots in Brazil’s northeast.
The flat water area while a sandy reef with perfect rolling waves provides best fun to intermediate and advanced windesurfers.
Wind direction is E-SE, side-off shore starbord tack (wind from the right), averaging 18-25 knts.
From October to March north swells up to 2 meters happen to get in, creating ideal conditions for waveriding and jumping.

Balz Müller

There’s no need to present Balz!                  

If you feel like getting a treat for your eyes, watch one of his video.


Pierre-Yves Mottier

Listen, observe, analyze, share and support. That’s Pierre-Yves.

After working with Dr. J. Fuchslocher, sports scientist and specialist in coaching high-level athletes, these skills took on a new dimension in Pierre-Yves coaching concept.
Laure Treboux was coached by him when she reached No.2 in the PWA.
Pierre-Yves is passionate about water sports and has spent more than ten winters surfing and windsurfing the best waves on the west coast of Australia.

New School Windsurfing Clinic 

An ideal and balanced rider relation with his/her sail and board is key for successful windsurfing. It determines the efficiency and comfort.
We call this new school windsurfing, which is already widely applied by freestylers.
Learn more about it, define your goals and have fun reaching them with Pierre-Yves! In groups of maximum 7 participants you will get 2 hours coaching per day and everyday a personal analysis of 10 minutes.
A minimum of 5 days of coaching is required. General language is English, individual coaching in English, French and German.


Testing mb-boards

Feel the unique performance of the mb-boards when planing and in turns.
Thanks to the incredibly good board control mb-boards are easy to ride at top speed and in choppy water.
Our boards keep maximum speed in gybes, top and bottom turns. The ideal setup allows comfortable windsurfing and enables you to save energy for longer sessions.


São Miguel do Gostoso offers a whole range of attractive housing options, often smaller pousadas with lovely gardens.

Whatever you’re looking for, from a beautiful bungalow directly at the beach to a luxurious pousada or just a simple place to stay - we will find an accommodation that suits your needs.

clube kauli seadi  pousada portofino


The „mb-boards new school windsurfing clinic package" includes:

·      fly high with Balz Müller and watch him train

·      5 days of coaching with Pierre-Yves Mottier

·      test of mb-boards

·      1 Brazilian dinner with Balz and Pierre-Yves

The package costs 600 EUR. Further coaching days cost 100 EUR / day.

For any other costs please get your individual offer.


Get your offer

We organise the coaching, mb-boards testing, accommodation, flight and transfer, equipment rental or storage and more. Fill in the form and let us know what you’re interested in. Rino Radloff from GoSurfBrazil, will contact you and arrange everything you need. 

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